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Case Study: Transforming Hot, Unusable Attic Spaces into Functional Rooms with Level Home Pros

By: levelhomepros September 9, 2023 12:11 am

Case Study: Transforming Hot, Unusable Attic Spaces into Functional Rooms with Level Home Pros

The Situation Before

Imagine having attic spaces that are just too darn hot to even set foot in, let alone use for storage or any practical purpose. Yep, that was our predicament. Our home in Suffolk, VA, had attic spaces that were essentially ovens. We’re talking temperatures of 157 degrees on hot days. Forget storing keepsakes up there; they’d be fried, melted, or otherwise ruined in no time. We felt like we were wasting valuable space in our home.

Enter Level Home Pros: The Attic Insulation Contractor That Changed Everything

When we reached out to Level Home Pros, they came highly recommended as an attic insulation contractor right here in Virginia Beach, VA. From the initial consultation, they were not only professional but also incredibly knowledgeable about their products.

They recommended installing a radiant barrier and solar fans to tackle the temperature issues. Now, I won’t lie; I was initially skeptical. Could these products really make that much of a difference? However, the team explained how a radiant barrier reflects heat instead of absorbing it, while the solar fans actively circulate air to keep the temperature down. It all sounded pretty impressive.

The Installation Day

On the day of the installation, the Level Home Pros team arrived on time and got straight to work. We were amazed at their efficiency and attention to detail. They had the radiant barrier and solar fans up and running before we knew it. Not to mention, they were considerate about cleaning up after themselves, which was a big plus!

Final Thoughts: Very Pleased Indeed

The Jaw-Dropping Results

Remember that 157-degree temperature I mentioned earlier? Well, get this: on the very first hot day after the installation, the temperature in our attic dropped to 91 degrees. Ninety-one! That’s a whopping 66-degree difference, people!

Nowadays, the attic usually stays in the mid-80s, making it not just tolerable but genuinely usable. We can now store keepsakes, holiday decorations, and even some extra furniture up there without the fear of them being damaged by extreme heat.

Final Thoughts: Very Pleased Indeed

To say we’re pleased would be an understatement. Level Home Pros didn’t just make our attic spaces look better (and they do look great, by the way); they transformed them into functional spaces we can actually use. The installation was quick, the results were immediate, and the benefits are long-lasting.

So, if you’re in the Virginia Beach, VA area and dealing with unbearable attic heat, don’t sweat it. Just give Level Home Pros a call. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed.

— William Sugg

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