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See How Level Home Pros Helped this Homeowner Slash Energy Bills with Attic Insulation

By: levelhomepros March 26, 2023 11:57 am

See How Level Home Pros Helped this Homeowner Slash Energy Bills with Attic Insulation

Once upon a time, in a cozy neighborhood, there lived a homeowner named Rachel Deaton. Rachel’s home was lovely, but she was troubled by a persistent nasty smell and a feeling of discomfort that seemed to emanate from her attic and crawl space. The mold, critters, and damaged moisture barrier had turned her dream home into a nightmare.

Rachel knew she needed a hero to save her home from these unwelcome intruders. She decided to reach out to Level Home Pros, LLC, an attic insulation company known for their attic and crawl space encapsulation expertise.

With a clear mission to eliminate the nasty smell, protect Rachel’s home from unwanted pests, and create a better moisture barrier, Level Home Pros, LLC sprang into action. They carefully inspected the situation and devised a three-step plan to remedy the problems and restore Rachel’s peace of mind.

First, the Level Home Pros team installed R-19 batt insulation in the crawl space. This improved energy efficiency and helped regulate the temperature throughout the house, ensuring a more comfortable living environment.

Next, they encapsulated the crawl space, installing a protective vapor barrier to control moisture and closing vents. This essential step sealed off the space, preventing moisture and pests from infiltrating Rachel’s home.

Attic Insulation

Finally, they installed reflective thermal insulation, which repelled moisture, heat, and mold, dramatically improving the air quality inside the house.

As the Level Home Pros team worked their magic, Rachel could feel the transformation happening. The moldy smell that had once permeated her home began to vanish, replaced with clean, fresh air. The once-damaged moisture barrier was now a strong defense against unwanted moisture and critters.

When the work was complete, Rachel marveled at the changes in her home. Not only had the smell and pests disappeared, but her crawl space now looked brand new. The benefits of Level Home Pros’ handiwork didn’t stop there, as Rachel discovered that her home was now more energy-efficient, reducing energy costs and making it a more comfortable place to live.

As a bonus, the improvements made by Level Home Pros, LLC increased the resale value of Rachel’s home, a testament to the exceptional quality of their work.

And so, with the help of Level Home Pros, LLC, Rachel Deaton and her family lived happily ever after in their restored, comfortable, and energy-efficient home, free from the nasty smell and unwanted pests that had once plagued them. The end.

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